Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snickers Won the Mini Mules Over

These are the 3 mini mules from the Kentucky feed lot. Thanks to your generosity, WE (You included) were able to save them and can now get them safe loving homes. 
They are not trusting of humans but are curious and sweet. They were pulled from their home and sent to a kill buyer sale to be sold for slaughter. They were probably not treated too kindly and learned not all humans are kind. We are going to show them that many are kind and care about their lives.

We are Rescue!

Here they didn't want to come near me 
so I sat on the ground and waited.

 Then the heart shaped cookies looked 
interesting but they still had reservations.

Then they couldn't resist and came closer
 after I tossed a few over to them. 

YES, she came and ate the cookie from my hand. I was so happy.

Then Steve comes and they didn't hesitate to eat his snickers bar.
Who would have known snickers would win them over!