Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Lifetime with horses is never long enough.

Adopting a horse is a commitment for a lifetime. 

November started out so sadly with Cheetah, then Kipling and Caraway, crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Sadly, that lifetime ended for 3 wonderful horses just this month. Each horse had so much to give and these adopters saw into the soul of each horse...or did each horse see into the soul of each human? I think it is definitely both and truly heart felt. The relationship one has with their heart horse must be experienced because it is so beautiful, so special. there are no words to describe the true emotion you feel in the depth of your being.

Cheetah was adopted 14 years ago by Julia and Chad. 

It was their first horse but even though Cheetah was blind and had abuse issues in his past, they took the big step of caring for him and helped him gain trust by showing his love. They gave him a wonderful life and he gave them his heart. Adopting a blind horse is a scary step for an experienced horse handler but Julia and Chad knew their love would conquer any fear they or Cheetah had. They gave him a wonderful life.

Kipling was adopted by Christene Robertson 12 years ago. 

Christine knew he was, at best, only able to do very light riding because of an injury in his past but fell in love with his heart. It was about loving and caring for Kipling, not about riding. Kip was a race horse in his past life then was injured and his owner wanted a horse to compete with, and Kipling no longer had that value to her but he was worth a million dollars to Christine.

Caraway was adopted by Holly Couch 4 years ago.

Holly wanted to have a horse to love and found out Caraway was the horse that would forever change her life. Sweet Caraway had just come back to the rescue after being a companion to an 11 year old boy who had brain cancer. She helped this little boy for 2 years as his health failed, she continued to bring a smile to his face until the day he passed.
Holly saw what a special girl Caraway was and their loved grew by the day. Caraway will forever be in Holly's thoughts and dreams. 

Thank you for your compassion and support 

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Julia said...

Thank you, for the kinds words Cheryl, and especially thank you for entrusting this wonderful, kind soul to us. He brought me so much joy! Just seeing him out the kitchen window while I drank my morning coffee was a thrill for me. He loved being groomed and belly-scratched and would often sigh deeply, drop his head and fall asleep. Stopping would always prompt a polite, gentle nudge. Thinking about him makes me smile - even the time he bit me on the butt (HARD!!) makes me laugh now. He was just treating me like a member of his herd when I invaded his space without permission.
I knew Kippling and Carraway too and mourn their loss along with you and their humans. Rescue can be sad, but it's uplifting to know so many kind, caring people as those involved with STH.