Friday, February 19, 2010

So Many Horses!

Life at the farm can be rewarding. It can be heartbreaking. It can be emotional. It can be challenging. It can be so many different emotions. Come and join us.

The picture on the right is from Oct. but it gives you an example of what we do. This is Snuffy arriving at he rescue farm. He was neglected to the point of near death. He has injuries that make him lame but he has a wonderful sweet personality. He is forgiving of humans for all the abuse he suffered. He gentle whinny melts your heart.

Yesterday started out nice and quiet. The sun came out for the first time in days. The warmth warmed every 2 legged and 4 legged being out here. The chickens chattered among themselves. The donkeys brayed and the roosters call out it was a great day. One of our elder residents, Sweetie, a wonderful 32 year old Appaloosa mare, came out to enjoy the sun. She had a stroke a month ago but is recovering well. She also has Anhydrosis and Cushings. She never complains about any of it. She's happy. Every day is a treasure. You really learn that life is precious when you rescue animals. I am sure the many volunteers and the visitors to the rescue agree they feel a circle of emotions and a sense of peace.