Thursday, January 31, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Horses

Meet our Miniature horses at our 
Open House, Sunday, February 10th from noon til 4 pm. 
These are not your typical Miniature horses, they are dwarfs. Just like humans can be dwarfed, so can miniature horses.

Some of our Knee High Gang!
They are considered 'Special Needs' animals and can not be shown or used for work assistant animals unless there is very little dwarfism characteristic in the horse. They are very special little horses that have different individual needs. We do not know the life expectancy because of their unique abnormalities.

Come out, bring your family and friends and learn about dwarfs. One may just speak to your heart and you can become a sponsor for one of these little guys.  Rescue Farm
1768 Newt Green Road
Cumming, GA 30028 
770 886 5419

Horse Rescue~ People Rescue

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Time to Volunteer. We need you.

It's 2013 has many things planned for the year.

Want to be involved? Volunteer!
Come out Saturday Feb 9 2013 at 11 Am.  Volunteer Orientation. Have fun and learn how you can help.
Contact Margaret at

Volunteer Shawn introducing Mini Dickey to pony Snickers
Our Barn Buddy Program is getting into full swing for the Spring. Adopted and foster children will have an opportunity to spend time with the horses and other farm animals accompanied with a qualified adult Barn Buddy. Many foster children have had their hearts broken, their trust is gone. When they meet the horses they know their four-legged friends won't let them down. They begin to trust then start to trust humans again because we are with them. You can volunteer to help and support our Barn Buddy Program.
The kids love painting a pony!

Our 13th Annual 
Animal Rescue Fair 
will be held in Apharetta GA on June 9th 2013. Many animal rescue groups bring dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets available for adoption. Great day for everyone or every age to come and have fun with animals. SaveTheHorses is about working with rescue groups and saving all animals for bad situations. 

You can volunteer to help and support our Animal Rescue Fair.

We have fundraisers planned on and off site. 
  • Spring event at the Rescue farm in Cumming TBA
  • Silent Auction event in Oakwood, GA TBA
  • Art Auction at Ann Jackson Gallery Roswell, GA
  • Benefit Trail Ride TBA
  • 5 k run event TBA
  • Golf Tournament TBA
We have had many horse with cancer and need help to plan our Pink Horse Shoe Cancer Fund. Treating cancer is expensive. We want to do everything we can to save these horses lives. 
We treated Scout, the paint horse for cancer.

We need your help so get involved. 
Bring your ideas, and help us continue to Save The Horses and help the humans who help the horses.

SaveTheHorses .org
Horse Rescue~People Rescue

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Horse Proves His Purpose and Not Slaughtered

Sandman is a Belgian gelding that was destined to be slaughtered for human consumption. Young, healthy, not rideable and tasty to some cultures. Though the USA has no horse slaughter plants today, approximately 138,000 American horses were sent to a horrific death in Canada or Mexico last year to be eaten by humans.  
Sandman at new farm

Sandman came from an auction in Tennessee. Some caring horse lovers donated to help us save his life. He stayed in SaveTheHorses care for over a year. The right person would come along if we were patient. I truly believe horses are sent to us or come into our care for a reason. Then it happened, questions were answered. A call for a family that have 6 adopted special needs children explained how the would love to adopt Sandman. It was a struggle in the beginning finding the right place to keep Sandman since he was afraid of humans and with good reason. He wasn't treated kindly and had no reason to trust. You can read his story in Dec 2012 blog. Sandman or look at the Dec. posts and click on it. It is about Sandman's past and his journey. As it continues, more things unfold. We all had the idea Sandman was sent for Laura, the mom of all the kids. She needed someone to call her own and spend time with, to help her deal with 6 adopted special children. Laura was making progress with trust issues and showing Sandman the love he so badly wanted and needed. 
Sandman with Laura

As time went on, Sandman showed us what he really came to the Chapman family for. It is amazing what happens when we are truly open to it. This is Laura Chapman's words about Sandman and one of those special children, a year old girl named Gabby and Sandman's draw to her. 

Horse Therapy I am finding horse therapy is not limited to riding to meet the physical and mental improvements in the rider.  A few months ago I saw the picture of a draft horse waiting at a rescue to be adopted.  I was drawn to this horse, but pushed all thoughts of horse ownership out of my mind.  We had only moved to GA a few months prior and felt it was just not the right time.  I kept being drawn to the picture and every time I saw it, I began to cry.  I had no reason to, I just did which I thought was absolutely strange.  It got to a point I felt a need to have him.  We set up a visit for me to meet Sandman and that's when the magic started.

Sandman with Gabby

We went to visit and having 6 kids and a friend in tow, it was a little chaotic.  I asked everyone to stay back so I could get to know him, but Gabby came over and the next thing I knew Sandman was looking at her with his ears pricked up and alert.  She was the only other person he would allow near the fence while I was in with him without backing off.  That night, Gabby and I were talking about Sandman's trust issues and why he's so scared.  The next thing I knew, she was sobbing - deep, whole body shaking sobs.  She didn't know why she was crying, but I had a clue and it all had to do with the kindred spirits between her and Sandman.  Gabby may have come to us as a baby, but with her terrible past, trust has never been something that comes easy to her.

The first boarding situation did not work out, but we found a place where Sandman is respected and loved for who he is - with people that understand that he has worth even though he cannot be ridden and deserves to just be pampered and loved.  We are able to have daily access to him where we can really work on his own trust issues since this big, beautiful boy was starved and, as well as I can tell, beat since I'm finding scars now that he can be groomed.

From that first visit, Sandman has looked at Gabby differently than anyone else. He unnerves her and yet she is drawn to him.  She would not approach him the first few times and then she got his "blessing" when he approached her and allowed her to reach up and touch his blaze.  Since he is food driven, the only time anyone can do this is if they have food in their hand or a bucket.  Not with Gabby.  She had no food, she was no where near a bucket, and yet he did this for her.

Today she wanted to pet him on his side, but was too scared to do it.  Gabby had to finally put her whole trust in me to succeed, which is just as scary as petting a horse that has hooves as big as her head.  At first Gabby just stood there and looked at me petting him.  I coaxed her into holding my hand while I pet him.  Then finally, very timidly, she reached out to touch Sandman and he flinched and drew back.  I told her he's very scared and if anyone could understand what it's like to be afraid of trusting, it was her.  At that moment, Sandman lowered his head to her height and stared at her and she stared right back.  Eye contact is not her strong suit, but there was something mesmerizing between the two of them.  It only lasted a few seconds, but whatever passed between the two was more than any human words could ever mean.  She reached out hesitantly to touch him again and he didn't move.  She stroked him and he stood there.  I dropped her hand and she kept petting him, neither backing away from each other.

Tonight she has struggled dealing with old, scary feelings.  I never thought just a few minutes of petting a horse could reach her so deeply, but it most definitely has.  It has left her emotions raw, but finally in a way that they can heal.  Sandman may have started out as a horse no one wanted and felt was worthless, but his purpose was greater than anyone could ever know - he is saving a child.
Momma to 6 (Laura's Blog)

Imagine if Sandman was sent to slaughter  None of these positive things could have happened. It was meant to be. Divine intervention and angels abound. It all went as planned.

Thank you to everyone who so generously gives their time, love, donations, care and love to We are all part of God's puzzle of life and each piece has a place, each as important as the other, big or small. We need each of you to keep it complete and make it work. 

How lucky we all are to intertwine and make the world a better place for horses and humans.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mostly Here but Also There!

Open House is Sunday Jan 13 from 1-4 pm. Everyone Invited!

 Here, there and everywhere! Sounds like a Dr. Seuss day for

January 12, 2013 is our 1st Volunteer Orientation of the year. It is at the Rescue Farm at 1768 Newt Green Road, Cumming, GA. 770-886 5419.

Starting at 11 am until about 1 pm, you are welcome to stay all day if you care to join in and get started. 

Ever wonder how to check vitals on a horse but not sure how to do it? Come out to the rescue farm Jan. 12 at noon or following Orientation and learn how. We will go through the importance of having a baseline vitals and take them on the horses as well as measure a horse for a blanket for when it gets really cold or wet out. No need to bring supplies but if you have any or all of the following feel free to bring them. Measuring tape, timer, horse thermometer, note pad and pen. We will be meeting the the wash racks in the barn for a brief how-to, then break to practice.

Another Jan 12 thing to remember!
Just clean out your old files, papers, appliances, TV, phones, computers, laptops and more.

Fundraiser at Wills Park Equestrian Center Parking Lot. Jan 12 from 10 AM - 1 PM

11915 Wills Road  Alpharetta, GA 30009

1st Security Shredding donated their time and equipment to help

The cost is $5.00 a box to shred. 

Do you have small appliances, like phones, laptops, microwaves, TV's? $5.00 a carload

1st Security Shredding's state of the art mobile shredding trucks are equipped with a closed circuit video monitoring system, allowing clients to witness the entire destruction process from start to finish. This ensures peace of mind and ensures that all of your documents are shred to your complete satisfaction.