Sunday, August 29, 2010

Strawberry Mare

A beautiful, healthy Medicine Hat Paint mare is unwanted in FL. She was bought to become the daughter's horse. She was left at a farm and supposed to be taken care of by the family who owned her, or at least by the daughter. Time passed, no one ever came back. Strawberry just lived in a pasture with out much attention.

Now there is an ad on Craigslist for a nice mare. One problem is she is missing an eye. No one came to take a horse in need of veterinary care. Pattie, a SaveTheHorses foster home in Florida called the local Florida rescue but they were full, no help from them for Strawberry.

Pattie asked if we could help. Yes, money is tight for us, but how can we not help? This mare would end up slaughtered. Pattie agreed to keep her at her farm until we figured out what to do. She would be safe. That was most important. We made an appointment to take Strawberry to the vet. Pattie sent me pictures with a close up of the mares eye. We have had 4 horses with cancer in their eyes. Would this be another? There was no eye and is was draining a yellow fluid. We had to euthanize two or the four horses Squamous Cell Carcinoma horse because it is an aggressive cancer. Would Strawberry be one also?

Pattie told me how sweet this mare was. She had obviously been blind for a while because she wasn't spooky or jumpy on her blind side. She was comfortable.