Thursday, March 5, 2015

Helping Horses With Cancer

SaveTheHorses has had experience with horses with cancer, especially eyes. We started a Pink Horse Shoe Fund just for that but our fund is empty right now. We will raise the money to help Bonnie if there is a way to save her life. 

Pretty Bonnie waiting for eye exam.
When Kathy called about her new beautiful medicine horse paint mare, Bonnie, and explained her vet said the eye had cancer, we wanted to help. The previous owner told Kathy is was just sunburn. They may have really thought that is was. Until you have seen Squamous Cell cancer, you may think it is just bad sunburn. That is want causes it most likely, sun and the UV rays. 

We had an appointment with Dr Christine Murray yesterday. Dr Murray and her veterinary groups has done many cancer treatments for us. Kathy and husband, Tony, drove nearly 5 hours with Bonnie in trailer to get her opinion. We planned on taking the eye out and letting Bonnie recover at home but the cancer was on her eyelid more than we originally thought. 
The eyelid is infected plus has cancer
After much thought, Dr Murray gave Kathy some antibiotics for Bonnie and is going to get some quotes from the University hospitals, on the possible costs for removing the eyelid areas infected. The eye itself may not be cancerous and may be able to be saved. It will be a challenge. It is sure worth the effort so we are asking for your prayers and good thoughts for Bonnie and her recovery.

Once we get cost estimates, we'll update and see what can be done. 

Thank you for caring.! 

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