Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Life of Jesse

This is Jesse.

Jesse is a 16 year old off-track Thoroughbred gelding. Sometime in early 2014, his owner moved him from Florida to Georgia. She had nowhere to keep him so she left him with a friend. The friend was not a boarding facility, just someone who cared about horses. After 4 months of no contact with the person who left Jesse, the caretaker tried to contact Jesse's owner. She called and the phone was disconnected. She drove by the house of Jesse' owner and it was now abandoned, just like Jesse. 

Jesse' caregiver called and explained she couldn't care for Jesse any longer and asked us to find him a home. We always have people looking for nice horses and had a regular volunteer family with several adopted children who wanted to adopt a horses desperately. They had been volunteering at the rescue a long time and wanted horses of their own. I sent them to meet Jesse and they fell in love. They found a barn to board him and for a while , Jesse had a good life. He was surrounded by people who loved him, rode him and enjoyed him. 

Life changed again for Jesse early this year, he was now in need of another place to live. His adopted family was divorcing, everything had fallen apart in the human lives and are now affecting the horses life. Poor Jesse. This is why SaveTheHorses takes our horses back. Things happen in everyone's life.  This is only 2 years of Jesse's 16. How were his other 14 years? He is tattooed so he raced at one time in his life. Was he loved by a young girl? What he transferred from owner to owner sold for profit?  We only know the last 2 years but we are happy he fell into SaveTheHorses lap.

Jesse is now looking for a forever home. It is what we hope for every horse but we realize we can only do our best in finding that safety but SaveTheHorses safety net will always surround him. If you are interested in adopting, fostering or sponsoring Jesse, please contact 

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