Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lady Jane

She seemed like nothing was wrong but why was she lying down more often. A big Percheron mare that weighs about 1600 pounds can move gates and fences out of her way if she chose to but she is a gentle giant for sure. 
Lady Jane limping around outside.

She started to limp a few days after her hooves was trimmed. Maybe she was a little tender footed. It worsened and the farrier checked and thought it was an abscess. We soaked her lame foot in Epsom salts and water and it seemed to help but just a little. It was better for a week but then we could see she was in obvious pain. That is the last thing we want, pain for any horse. We had the vet check it. He dug out the frog of her foot hoping for relief of the infection from the abscess. It helped a little and more soaking seemed to as well. It helped for another week then the pain came back. We could see drainage but not enough. The infection was still there.

Saying prayer to heal her

Lady Jane was laying down more than she was up. Sweet John Micheal kneeled down and prayed for her. She would get better then seem to get worse again. The pus would ooze from her hoof and it would give her relief but it came out of different parts of her foot. We wondered if something was in her foot. She is so heavy a piece of metal or wood could be in there and not come out causing the constant reinfection. The radio-graphs did not give us an answer. The vets suspected something called 'Quittor'. It was rare but a possibility. Radio-graphs sent to UGA expert thought it was not 'Quittor' but it was worth a try to eliminate that problem.

Another week and still not substantial change so Dr Walker came out to dig out her foot again. After 10 minutes of hard work, he uncovered a hole where hit looked as though a nail or something similar punctured her foot. I think we finally are on the way to a back to normal Lady Jane. She is quite sore today and will be for a few days but we are continuing soaking and giving her antibiotics orally and in the hold in her hoof and keeping it wrapped and clean.

This is one of the kindest, sweetest horses ever to come to us.
Sandy and Sydney grooming Lady Jane

 She deserves to be cared for and all the vet and farrier bills are surely worth the price of saving her and making her comfortable. 
We are Rescue! 
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