Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jammer is in a JAM!

A friend, Izelda, has been a horse lover for many years. She was asked to take a lame horse. She found a home as a companion for Jammer but the new home needs a bit more time to get ready for him. Izelda asked if I could take him for a short time until he could go to his new permanent home. Of course, I agreed to put him in our pasture.

Izelda had never met Jammer but she was willing to help anyway. When she arrived at the farm Jammer was living, he was being ridden. The rider had spurs and told Izelda that Jammer was lazy so spurs were needed to make him ride. Sweet Jammer tried his best to do what his rider asked but he couldn't do it. Jammer has a serious leg injury and is in severe pain. Izelda took him away as quickly as she could as she held back the tears she wanted to shed for this poor horse. He may have a broken leg. The vet is coming out on Friday to take a look but it doesn't look good. His leg is enlarged and the anti-inflammatory medicines are not helping at all. He is 3 legged and in so much pain. What would anyone ride a horse in this condition????

Jammer is surely in a jam. He may be able to be treated but it is an old injury so it doesn't look good. We may have to do the humane thing for Jammer. We will do the right thing once it is determined what is wrong and if anything can be done to relieve his pain. He is such a sweet horse. He is in loving hands right now and we are very thankful for that. No matter what time he has left, he will never be mistreated and he will get all the love and horse treats he can handle. Please say a prayer for Jammer tonight, he needs us all.