Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Bye Blondie

More than one Good Bye to Blondie.

Blondie came from an auction. She was afraid of the noise and confusion of the action going on at the auction.She didn't seem to have much handling. At two years old, she had come to know some bad people who had no kindness to show her. Once she was brought to the rescue farm, Jason worked with her, taught her about good humans and even saddled her. She was farm from ready to ride at her age but it was all positive experience. A really nice family, Chico, Cheryl and daughter, who just brought a lovely farm wanted to volunteer to learn about horses. They spent time with all of our horses but had a special love for Blondie. They were in no hurry to do any more than offer Blondie a loving home and gentle care.

We did a farm check and moved Blondie and another mare to their farm. We said Good-Bye to Blondie and her friend. They all were very happy until a thunderstorm moved in to the North Georgia mountains. One boom was so close, Chico ran out to check on the horses. He was heartbroken to see Blondie on the ground, dead. She had been hit by lightening.

Poor Chico. How can he tell his wife? How could he tell his daughter? How could he tell us at the rescue that our sweet Halflinger cross filly was dead. It was sad for all of us. He questioned why all the cows in the next pasture were not hit. The other horse must have been far enough away to not be hit either. There is no answer to Why. Only more questions. Every storm will remind us of Blondie. Every storm will worry us because of Blondie. Go out and hug your loving animals today..while they are here to hug. We just don't know what tomorrow will bring. We hate this kind of Good-Bye.

Good Bye Blondie, Rest In Peace.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two Days Old ...In Need Already!

He was shivering after the plasma treatment. He was tired as well. I covered him with the electric blanket and he was comfy and cozy for his nap.

When the message said newborn foal, rejected by mare...I was ready to run out the door. A baby in need. I could only think YES. I headed up the highway to pick up the little guy in North Georgia. He was already away from his Mom. She never even looked back as he was driven away. The owner didn't realize her newly purchased mare was in foal. What a surprise to wake up Saturday to a little light colored foal. Sadly, the mare wanted nothing to do with her baby. The vet came out and sedated the mare in order to get some much needed colostrum to insure the foals survival. The mare fought it all the way, even under heavy sedation. Maybe to the point of danger for all involved. The foal was given the colostrum milk the blood work was done. The results were not enough antibodies to keep the foal healthy.

When he arrived, I already had the vet scheduled to give the foal plasma to help him overcome problems that can occur with an 'orphaned' foal. He has edema in both back legs but we are hoping the plasma will help remedy that. Volunteers were waiting anxiously to meet him and take pictures. They were like the Paparazzi! How can they help it. He is so cute. He's a Creamello with two blue eyes.
Now it the time I am wondering why I say YES without thinking ahead. Who is coming to feed him every 2 hours? Me! I am OK with it though. I have some volunteers ready to help several nights starting Wednesday. I will be ready for them by Wednesday. I will look like a Zombie for the next few days but I will have done my best to save this little guy. If you are a night owl or an early riser, let me know and we will schedule you in to feed. It's easy. Hold the bottle and he does the rest.
We are calling him Moonbeam R Walker. He will not be able to be out in a pasture during the sunny days, not with those baby blue eyes. Squamous Cell Carcinoma is quick to hurt light eyed horses. Why take the chance? I can tell you a couple of heart breaking Squamous Cell stories. We did do surgery at Auburn and saved a handsome Shire gelding. The adopter was so quick to see the problem, it turned out successful. That was a happy story. More to come soon.

Jacob, formerly #851 is Safe!

Jacob is safe! Here he is in his QT facility and looking much happier! Thank you to all the people who helped us pull him from the killpen!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

# 851 wants to go home

This long eared fellow is wanting to come home. He's very sad, in a strange place awaiting the truck that will take him to slaughter. He is only 4 years old, he rides and drives. I believe he is missing his family, his head is hanging down in most pictures and he is ignoring the activity around him.

I have called him "Jacob", in honor of a woman who has donated towards his coming home and being safe.

We are working towards getting you safe Jacob. We have a family waiting to lavish love and carrots and nose kisses on you!