Monday, April 5, 2010

She was walking down the driveway a bit fast, she was feeling too good. She lost her balance and fell face first. She struggled to get up but couldn't with out our help. We gathered out ropes, the tractor and some man and woman power and up she went but we all slowly walked her back down to a nice flat area of grass.

It was one step at a time for all of us.

Hail Mary improved but still had trouble getting up but she went down much less frequently. She became the favorite of a very lovely couple, Steve and Linda. They planned to move from their home and buy a farm with a nice barn. They adopted Hail Mary. Our dear Hail Mary passed away before they moved but she died in loving arms.

Some people may think it was a waste of time. We know it was a time of love and care, hope and dreams.

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Prosperity said...

Prayers and sympathy to those who showed her compassion in her last days. I too have a rescue,found in similar shape, he's doing much better, blind and half deaf Indiana is in better hands now. It never ceases to amaze me on how absolutely ignorant people can be of the beautiful spirits the creatures are. To leave one uncared for and unloved or unfed is as evil as doing it to a human child,truth be told I've gone hungry when my horses wont