Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tennessee 30 now Tenneesee 4

Before and After pictures of Stella.

Tennessee 30 is now Tennessee 4.

Amazing what good grass can do!

Many of you remember the infamous Tennessee 30. It was 30 horses bought at an auction in TN. They were purchased for a low, low price and brought across the street from the rescue. To see 30 horses on an acre or two makes cars stop and look. Many calls were coming in to the rescue asking about them. They were thin, it was November and the grass was gone in a few days.

Who were these horses? Why were they here? The story is they were bought by a local horse trader. They are his horses and he can do what he wanted with them. At a low price, all horses are in danger of going to be slaughtered. Though we don't slaughter horses here in the USA, we do send them to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption. It is not illegal. The owner can do that and make some money. I called and asked him what he'd sell them for. He said $75. each so I was on the Internet telling everyone who would listen and asking them to tell everyone they know. A few of the horses sold fast. After a week or so the stress of going to auction, fighting for food, and being unhealthy and malnourished to start, they broke out with a contagious infection called Strangles. It is like strep throat. It takes a few weeks but it goes through the whole herd. The Department of Agriculture quarantined the herd. It took 4 months for the virus to get through the herd. During that time, people were picking out and paying the owner for the horses. We were collecting donation for feed and hay the horses. We wanted to give them every chance to recover. Volunteers from the rescue would take turns feeding and watering the herd. Snow, sleet nor ice was a deterrent in getting these horses healthy. As people purchased a horse, some would come and help out physically and financially. It did take a village to save the horses.

All the horses went to homes. Now months later, 4 were given to the rescue. These are nice horses but still need training and patience.

Suzy is a very pretty Chestnut QH type mare. She just needs to be trained. She was saved by a loving person, her injuries treated and ready to make some a nice trail horse. She is ready to go.

Willow is a black walking horse mare that was one of the most frightened of all. She must have been through some very mean humans. She will lead and eat from your hand but needs time and patience to move on.

Stella is a nice mare that is already trained to ride. Look at the pictures of before and after. She has come full circle from a malnourished nearly alive horse to a beautiful mare ready to trail ride.

Then there is one young chestnut mare that is terrified of people. Stella protects her. She must have been through some really horrible times to act so afraid of humans in her young life. She needs a very special person who will not hurry and understand her fear. She is gentle but wants to leave your space because she is terrified to be close to people. I am sure she has a good reason.

The Tennessee 30 is now the TN 4. Come and helps find a home for each of them. repost to all of your horse friends. These 4 horses need loving home and kind hearts. They deserve that. They did nothing wrong but end up in the wrong hands at one time in their lives...through no fault of their own. Please help us help them.

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Sue said...

Great job as always, Cheryl! Thank you for the follow up.

Horseinc said...

Debbie Shima Stover... Let me rephrase this post...These horses were never candidates for slaughter..They were purchased and rescued with good intentions.They were placed in a family members pasture to be fed and watered.Upon the owner being diagnosed with severe... anemia and undergoing iron infusions for 2 months the rescue graciously volunteered to help knowing the owners health issues...Yes it took a small village of caring and generous volunteers to care for and place these horses, for this we are forever grateful. I myself handled the paper work for the horses and owners, I know first hand the details of this situation, so please please let's tell it like it was...

Cheryl Flanagan Hey Deb,
‎$75.00 horses can end up in slaughter. It was a low price, not a big profit. I think it was a kind offer. So did many others and they bought the horses which you took care of the names and money...that was crazy confusing. People were happ...y to buy a horse for $75. I hope that this is how it came out when it was written. I wasn't blaming you or C. The horses were in bad condition before they were purchased. It wasn't the buyers fault, it was the sellers who owned them and didn't care. It they were not purchased at the auction and brought here, they could have been in the kill pen. Slaughter is still a big business. It is legal and a way to get a few last bucks out of a horse. Check Craigslist, free horses are available all the time. Anyone can take a free horse and sell it for profit. It is the person who took the free horse's fault? No, I think it is an irresponsible owner.

Horses go to slaughter every week. If there is a market, there is someone who will profit. I don't like it. I don't blame the kill buyers or the slaughter houses. If someone cares about their horse, they will take the time to find a home. It may mean feeding the horse a few extra months. Some people have no problem dumping a horse at an auction or dumping a dog at animal control. I hope that sounds more clearly about these horses. We have bought horse at that auction for $20-100 and they are some great horses. Sorry if it came out any other way, Deb. It wasn't the intention..

Debbie Shima Stover Thanks for clarifying this Cheryl..If you would be so kind, please copy and paste your post to your blog. I don't want this act of kindness misinterpretated.♥

D. Sweet said...
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D. Sweet said...

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Catie J. said...

I got to meet Willow today for the first time at the HRRRF when i started volunteering, she's a COMPLETE sweetheart and i fell in love immediately. it appeared to me she rather enjoys being hand walked at the picnic table area and brushed. I did that for about 10-15 minutes and just that "little" amount of time i think i'm hooked. my mom met her when she brought me water after the orientation so i could stay until 5, and she likes her too.

amazing job with the horses! i'm glad to be apart of something so special.