Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pig On A Pole!

Seeing my neighbor come down the drive seemed odd. I wondered what he wanted beside just saying 'Hello'. Some of the volunteers and I were sitting under a shade tree taking a break from stall cleaning, when Al walked up and asked if I sat the pig on the road. He said he saw it in the morning and had just went by again and it is still there, tied to a telephone pole by the back legs. We all jumped up and had to go see what was going on. We loaded a large dog crate into the back of the truck and headed down the road. I thought is may be a pet pig that was lost and tied so the owner could find it. As we drove about a mile, we were all looking to the left as Al said it was there but we couldn't see it. He told us to pull in the driveway and we still couldn't see it. 

We got out and walked up a hill and there was this young female hog, tied to a telephone pole by her back legs, tied so tightly it cut off the circulation in her back legs. She was panting hard with no shade to protect her and no water to drink. Julie ran to a neighbors to get water. I was shocked at such deliberate abuse so I called 911 for help. This was criminal. Felony animal abuse! 

Why would anyone do this? Was someone trying to teach the pig a lesson?  Someone cruel and heartless did this and left this pig to suffer and die from heat exhaustion or to let coyotes kill it as it had no way to run. She was terrified of us, imagine is dogs or coyotes where attacking her! The pig drank the water as fast as we could get it to her. She also laid in it and created a great puddle to cool off in, which she desperately needed. She panted hard with her mouth open gasping. Pigs don't sweat, they wallow in mud to be cool.  The twine was so tight, there was no way we could get it off. It was hard to look at knowing it cut deeply into her circulation of her back legs.

Officer McKinzie came prepared. He had a snare and put it around Ms Piggy's neck so we could cut her legs free from the twine and ropes. Once she was in we had to secure the crate with extra ropes so we could carry her into the Sheriff's vehicle. He was taking her right to Dr. Orr's veterinary hospital to sedate her and cut the strings off. She is now at Animal Control. Investigations are underway  trying to find out who owned her and prosecute on animal cruelty charges if he can get enough evidence as to who did this. 

She is going to be a 600 pound hog. I hope she can come here and I can find a farm animal sanctuary for her to live out her life sloppin' in mud! We just don't have room to offer her sanctuary with all the rescued horses on the farm but I surely can find her safety, she deserves it. 

We never know what we will be doing on any certain day. Come join us if you have some free time, we guarantee you won't be bored. 



Cindy White said...

I hope I get the opportunity to meet her. I'd really like to meet the scumbag that did this to her.....

Anonymous said...

Poor Miss Piggy... I am so glad that you were there to rescue her. She did not deserve to have this done to her. I hope they find the stupid person who did this 2 her.

Leigh said...

What is wrong with people?????????? Thank goodness she was found when she was. I am so tired of people treating animals so poorly. I hope they catch this scumbag.