Monday, November 5, 2012

Gwen from New Jersey to Georgia

Jason with Gwen at SaveTheHorses Farm
 Gwen went to a foster home with Lisa and Jen on Sunday. These two ladies have experience in rehabilitating and working with draft horses. We do not know if she has ever been ridden but we do think she drives a cart. Does it matter? Not to all the SaveTheHorses volunteers nor Lisa and Jen. Our theory is all horses need loving safe homes. We honor them all no matter what ability or disability each horse may have. 

Even if a horse becomes a giant yard ornament, we love and honor each one the same. SaveTheHorses sees the value of life in each horse, not a dollar value. In the Spring, they will decide if we should put her up for adoption or if they just can't let her go. You know how easy it is to fall in love when you are with a horse everyday!

Gwen's history? She was saved by many compassionate donors who gathered together enough money to get Gwen from the kill buyer auction in New Jersey inappropriately named Camelot. When you think of Camelot, you think of idealism, adventure and romance. This Camelot is an auction full of horses that are thrown away for a per pound price. With the help of the Internet and those willing to donate, horses are saved from slaughter. Gwen was used up by her Amish owners. There is always another horse to replace another. People are always breeding animals for profit. What happens to the horse after the money changes hands is not important to most people. Those of you reading this are so empathetic for the suffering of horses but realistically, are a small group compared to all Americans. As hard as we work to educate others, most do not know that the fate of many horses is a horrible death then butchered for human consumption

This is a happy time from Gwen. She has been in the care of SaveTheHorses since Nov 2010. We let her enjoy being a horse and living on 100 acres of peace and comfort. It isn't about a turnover of horse to new homes, it is about the quality and love each horse deserves. It is costly but it is our promise to every horse. How can we put a price on that? 

Thank you all for being a part of It is all of you that contribute in every way that makes it all work to Save The Horses.

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