Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Millie The Once Loved Pony

Look into her eyes. You can see the pain. She had Cushings Disease which causes abscesses in her feet. She was on medication and we increased her bute (horse pain killer) but she was failing. 

Millie looking so worn out.

Millie was nearly 30 years old. She was the only mare that came into the rescue that was spayed. She was once a treasured Children's Hunter Pony, a high dollar mount for a lucky child. She was a winner. She eventually became too old to compete in 'A' show circuit so she worked as a school pony until she was too lame to trot and canter. The farrier arrived at the lesson barn, the hole was dug and Millie was scheduled to be euthanized. That was about 5 years ago. The farrier called and as SaveTheHorses to take Millie into our care and save her life. She had more years to enjoy as a pet and companion. We did give her a good home and kept her comfortable until a few months ago. Medications were no longer easing her pain. She was down more than up and moved at snails pace if at all. Dr Christine gently let her go tonight. Her companion of the last 5 years, Kidd, was very upset. Millie is in greener pastures but Kidd needs your thoughts and prayer so he can go on understand someday they will be together again. He has another mare with him. I hope she comforts him. Rest In Peace Millie.

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