Thursday, August 28, 2014

Help Our New Buddy!

This guy is in serious pain.

When he arrived yesterday, he was stressed. It was hard to tell if it was from pain or from traveling and being in a new place. He slowly circled in his stall and put his lip up and over to the side with the bad eye. We gave him some anti inflammatory medication. It did help a bit. He nibbled at the hay and grain we tried to offer as comfort to him. He even refused treats. 

He somehow injured his eye. The owner had veterinarians at Southern Crescent Equine in Newnan GA had been trying to save his eye. SaveTheHorses has worked with Southern Crescent veterinarians before of critical cases so again they suggested to the owner to call us. I offered to help with the cost of removing the eye which was quoted at $700.00. I asked the owner how much they could come up with and explained we could help raise money to help. We would rather help people keep their horses. It is always a first choice. So I was surprised the declined and said they didn't want Buddy any more. Maybe dealing with the eye was just too hard. Our first thought is he will end up on Craigslist, not treated and slaughtered. 

We planned on cleaning his eye out but just touching near the eye makes Buddy tense. Our veterinarian should be here later today to see what is under that mess. Sedating him will make it much easier on him and on all of us. 

 Thank you for your compassion and generosity.
 WE are Rescue!
It does take all of us to help these needy horses! 

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Melanie Ward said...

700 is way too much to remove an eye.... My horse went thru a lot trying to save his eye and thank god it worked its a shame people give up the way they do on their animals I know things can be expensive but something like that can be handled .Please look up Logan King is our vet I bet he will help you guys out he fixed our horse Cisco, we live in Hampton ga let me know how it goes I will lend a hand

Thank you for all you do
Melanie Ward