Sunday, January 25, 2015

Worth Waiting For

When we take in a horse, we hope to find a new home for it ASAP but that usually doesn't happen. It has to be the right home and sometimes it takes a very long time. There is no danger to the horse because we will take care of it's needs forever. That's what we do, we are rescue!
Jason whispering to Sprinkles

So Sprinkles came to us about 5 years ago. He was going to be euthanized because the veterinarian said he was dangerous. A horse loving friend intervened and asked us to please go see him. Dangerous? No way, he was very frightened, nervous and no sign of aggression. I think he was being misread. Sprinkles is a very cute Appaloosa pony who is afraid to be caught so he plays a game. He gives up soon but because of his nervousness, I never let anyone ride him. If he spooked out of fear, I would be afraid a child may fall off and get injured. He did well saddling him but safety is first.
Sprinkles all dressed in a saddle
Mocha is a sweet Welsh pony who came only a few months ago from a Therapy and lesson stable. 
Mocha is a cute little mare
She has been serving humans for a long time and was apparently tired of her job because she was managing to get the kids riding her off but slamming on her brakes. We did have one of our good little riders here got on Mocha and they were a good team, not tricks, not brakes on but again for safety, we decided not to adopt her as a riding child safe pony. She paid her dues. 

Last month, an inquiry about Sprinkles came in and everything we waited for was there. Two wonderful woman who want to adopt two ponies, care for them, share their lovely home and give them lots of love was a reality. Definitely worth waiting for.  
Here are Mocha and Sprinkles waiting with to heir new barn.

Karen and Shirley have a beautiful pony sized barn, great pasture and time and love to give Mocha and Sprinkles. What a happy ending for these ponies. 
Perfect place for two ponies!
Happiness is worth waiting for!
WE Are Rescue!


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I am so happy for Sprinkles and Mocha.

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I am very happy for Sprinkles, Mocha and the women who adopted them, I wish the best to all of them!