Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Day of Many Thunders!

Last Thursday was a day of Thunder, 
three different Thunders.
 Funny how it all happens that way. 

Our Thursday morning Thunder arrives at the rescue farm. 

Thursday morning brought us a very handsome Thoroughbred gelding from Ohio, who looks fabulous but is not ride able do to his past racing career. His racing name is Stop the Thunder aka Thunder.

Alisa and Thunder, first selfie!
 Alisa, his Mom, is happy having him as her new, tall dark and handsome guy and has no worries about not riding him.  She will provide him with a the love he will ever need. He is already a favorite in the barn.

Our Thursday afternoon Thunder arrives at his new home in Canton.
Then our afternoon Thunder arrived in his new home in Canton , GA. He was well loved by his Mom, Jaye, but developed allergies from the grasses in South Georgia. Jaye wanted to find a good home where he can be away from the South Georgia allergies. We are praying that the change in environment will bring a healthy change in his health. Thunder was welcomed by Candy and David with open arms on their beautiful horse farm. 

Here is David on his first ride with Thunder, perfect!

What a great day it was until the evening thunder weather storm rolled in to bring us even more thunder and lots of rain. 
It was loud and rolling thunder. I took a deep breath and listened. It was also a reminder of all the wonderful horses we have lost over the past 17 years. It made me stop and rejoice and stop and think about them all. I could hear the running. The thunder in the sky was all those horses we loved running around the heavens, rejoicing their lives with us and their new lives in heaven, rejoicing our journey together. We will never forget them even as we meet the newest Thunder's in our life. Our tears fall, our hearts broken, then a new horse in need of love come to us to patch up that piece of hurt in our hearts. Look in their eyes and our hearts are ready to do it all over again. We are Rescue!

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