Friday, October 29, 2010

Hip # 227

Hip 227 may not mean much to you or to most people but it means a lot to the horse wearing that tag, #227. It is an auction tag. No name, no information, just a number, another number waiting to go to slaughter.
A volunteer and horse lover, Elizabeth, called and asked if I could help. Help was needed for Hip #227. I didn't want to look at the page with all the horses destined to be killed for human consumption. These horses were at a holding lot in NJ called Camelot. Horses are put in large trailers and shipped to Canada on Sunday. It's they last ride, a sad ride. It is the end.
Once I did look at Hip #227, there was no turning back. We both made calls and inquiries, made a plan and dove in head first! The story is that she belonged to Amish people who used her to drive. She was teamed up with a Percheron gelding. He was saved by another rescued but they didn't have the money to take them both. Hip#227 was left alone and unhappy in the kill pen.
If you ever lose faith in humanity, think about real horse lovers. We posted for help to save Hip #227, the response was overwhelming...heartwarming. Calls and emails flooded my desk, donation were coming is every few minutes. Another volunteer and horse lover, Christine, called Camelot and closed the sale to us. We collected enough money to save her, get her transported to SC to a loving home, and save the last horse that had no bids. He went to a farm that works with children in PA.
Horse lovers care deeply. They do more than talk about what is happening to a horse, they react and do something good. Thank you all!


The Gordons said...

I appreciate this posting about the Belgian mare but have to clarify a few things. First, the mare was not a team mate to the Percheron we pulled. Neither have prominent collar marks, they arent the same size nor build. They arent even as bonded as lead to believe. When we left with him today she nickered once and that was all. Team mates go crazy when separated. Also, we werent able to take the mare because of size, not funds. My donor base would never leave a horse behind if I had space available. This comment upsets me as it was made to sound we walked due to finances. She was also not alone nor unhappy. Please correct the statements made concerning our organization. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Thanks.

Lisa Gordon
Frog Pond Farm Drafts


Not sure why the above poster is upset, there was no negativity at all written or implied about Frog Pond. The way I read this, it;s just sad that this even happens to Horses, Everyone was really happy the Horses were saved from the trip to Canada

Libby said...

Frog Pond Farm wasn't mentioned in the original post. What we know about these horses is posted under their pictures on the site. It was posted that these two were team mates. As for the rest of it? All that matters is that both horses are safe.

Horseinc said...

Lisa, I actually said..The "story" is. It is what I was told. No rescue was mentioned either. It wasn't meant to insinuate anything about any rescue. I am happy you have no finance problems and a donor base able to take so many horses. Many rescues are struggling. Many can't take a horse due to finances.

People need to know horses are senient beings and have feelings. They do form bonds. I was told these two were bonded. What is important it these horses are safe.