Monday, November 1, 2010

Not for the Squemish!

Look at this sweet mare. She is nearly 17 hands at 3 years old. She raced as a two year old and won her race. She was full of potential of becoming a real winner. After the race, a bone chip was found in her knee. It is easily removed and her racing career may have been resumed but she contacted Mersa during her hospital stay and will never race again. He knee is enlarged. The owner decided to breed her since she was such a fast mare and so well bred. That didn't work either.

She came up from Florida just a happy, quiet mare. We didn't have much room (as usual) so we put her on a beautiful board fenced pasture donated for use for rescue horses. After a week or so, she found a broken board or she is the one that broke it. It torn her leg opened to the joint. The vet comes out every 10 days to do a recheck and to cut away the granulation tissue. Once the joint is closed, there is a chance of infection. It is a time consuming wound needing hydrating, topically dressing, wrapped and re wrapped. She is on oral antibiotics now but we started with an IV to get her a good dose of prevention.
I think she just grew too fast and isn't aware of how big she is. She seems so accident prone right now. She has nicks, she's skinned here and there. Could she just be a klutz or could she be cursed? Her name is ObamaMomma. I think by the time she is 4, she will be coordinated just fine.

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