Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Boy Belgium

Camelot dreaming, he was named Lancelot. He is at a wonderful, loving foster home in NJ. He will get to GA soon but we want to make sure he is healthy and ready to travel. He wasn't eating well but had no temperature. He is under the watchful eye of Lauren, a horse lover.
We are in need to reasonably priced transport for him. We are also in need of funds for the transport. We have a few donations already, thank you! We paid to have him transported to Lauren's so he didn't have to stay at the auction. Lancelot is a really big boy, like over 18 hands!
If your dream horse is big, this may be your dream horse. Guaranteed to make your butt look small! He may be a walk, slow trot horse but he is bigger than most horses. He will be available for adoption.

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