Friday, November 12, 2010


What a precious little pony. Every little girls dream, a beautiful pony. Then it gets shattered, literally. Little Miss Pony is well loved in the community. She knows all the kids in the neighborhood. They all know her. Everything was good until she escaped into the pasture with the big horses and she was kicked by a full size horse. Her rear leg was badly fractured above the hock.

The owner has had a very sad year. She lost everything in a house fire earlier this year, along with her pets who died in the fire. Then the flood in September, this mini's mate drowned. Now Miss Pony 's life was on the line. Is the break too bad to even be repaired? She couldn't afford to call a vet. Finances are very bad for the pony owner. Insurance hasn't paid for the loss in the fire yet. A neighbor suggested to call SavetheHorses. Hearing this sad desperate story, we called out Dr Amanda and asked to put the bill on our account. Was there hope for this little pony?

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