Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EZ Did It.

He is very sore,
very swollen and
very tired but he is a
very strong horse...
and proved it again!

Video of EZ Breeze's rescue.

Posted By - Jerry Carnes Last Updated On: 11/24/2010 6:35:13 PM

CANTON, GA -- Dozens of rescuers gathered in Cherokee County to save a horse that has cheated death more times than Houdini.

"I witnessed a miracle," said Jody Hanna, who was there when the retired race horse was lifted from a 12-foot creek bed. "It was insane. It was horrific."

At a time when he's supposed to be enjoying the halcyon days of retirement, 20-year-old EZ Breeze has lived a life has been far from a breeze. Since leaving the competition of the racetrack to relax at the equine retirement home called Save the Horses in Cherokee County, his life of repose has been interrupted by medical issues like the operation to repair intestinal problems. EZ Breeze barely survived that one.

"They recommended he be put down," said Bobby Fricks, a volunteer at Save the Horses. "The said he had a 2-percent chance of survival, but he's still here today."
Living on borrowed time, EZ Breeze was taking a leisurely stroll through the pasture on Monday when he slipped and took a 12-foot fall into the muddy creek bed.
Hi head caught beneath roots, EZ Breeze slipped and thrashed about in an effort to right himself, but he couldn't.

At least 30 people joined in the the effort to rescue the struggling retiree. The Cherokee Fire Department responded along with the city of Milton's Large Animal Rescue.
At one point, it appeared EZ Breeze was a goner.

"We could see his tongue turning blue, his eyes totally distant," said Cheryl Flanagan of Save the Horses. "We hated to do it, but we started yelling at him, 'EZ get up!!'"
He did.

The rescue took 5-hours. Emergency crews recruited a crane from a local tree company. EZ was eased into a harness, and lifted to freedom...
"He started flailing his legs and hit the ground and stood up like nothing was wrong," said Flanagan.

Now, EZ Breeze laughs at those neighborhood cats who brag about nine lives. He's the horse who floats high above death.

"We didn't think he was gone make it," said Fricks. "He did it. Live to fight another day."

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