Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Blog?

I would have love to been keeping up with the blog but I have been keeping up with the rescue.

It was Thanksgiving when my phone rang. Kathy, a caring foster mom, was telling me Zeppelin was kicked by a mare in his pasture. Not wanting Zepp to be a lonely horse, a neighbor offered her mare as a companion to Zepp. They lived in peace for a week until Thanksgiving day. No one knows what happened but hearing the commotion outside, Kathy and her husband ran out to find the mare kicking Zepp over and over as he just stood without fighting back. They quickly jumped it and chased the mare far from the injured Zeppelin.
Zeppelin is a rare horse. Beautiful and most, I really mean, most kind horse. He wasn't the type to kick or start a fight with a human or a horse. Dr Ken Marcella checked out Zepp to discover a horse in a lot of pain and swelling. He took some belly fluid but it didn't give any concise answers to how much internal damage might have been done. Zepp felt a little better with some pain relievers but he still needed more time to be able to better find out what was wrong. He was in shock and transporting him with internal damage, if there was any, was not a viable answer. The drive could kill him, so we waited. That evening, Zepp had eat a little grain and drank some water. At 7:30 everyone had a small sign of relief. Morning would bring better news.
I pulled up to the pasture about 9:30 pm. Walking with my flashlight, I looked for Zeppelin. It wasn't until I get close that I realized he wasn't lying down, he was dead. What a shock. My hand was trembling so bad I kept fumbling as I tried to call Dr Marcella. He was just as shocked as I was. I think he always knew it was a possibility but we were all very hopeful Zepp would be OK.
Friday was a real Black Friday for all the people at the rescue. We buried Zeppelin. Rest In Peace, Sweet, Sweet Zeppelin.

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