Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Scare

11:30 last night, Sweetie was happy to see me bring her the nightly hot mash. At 32 years old, she appreciates a good hot meal. I am happy to provide what she needs every night, every day. I always say 'Good Night' to her. I never know what tomorrow will bring.

Well is was this morning that Tom called me when he arrived early to help feed, to tell me Sweetie was down. I got the tractor and grabbed the straps we use to make our sling-type rigging to get her up. When Sweetie falls or goes down, she cannot get up with out help so we have had plenty of experience. She has a stroke in February and was down over 7 hours. It took a crane and several firemen and volunteers to get her up.

We tried but Sweetie wouldn't help. Her legs were cold indicating she was down half the night. We rubbed and moved her legs but they were not holding her up this time. The tractor held her in a hanging position in the straps with out any fight to live on her part. I had to ask myself if this was the time I had to make that dreaded decision. Was Sweetie going to make it? Would this be her last try?

We lowered her and got warm blankets, covered her. We didn't know if Sweetie was ready to give up but we were not! We called Cherokee Fire Dept and asked for help. When they arrived, we all got into positions to hold her if we were able to get her to use her legs. "Come on, Sweetie" I shouted as I moved the bucket on the tractor she was strapped to up. All the firemen and volunteers grabbed her legs to steady her, rubbing her legs to get circulation going. She was standing! Yea! I felt like cheering. My arms were in the air! Yes, Sweetie made it another day.

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