Monday, December 6, 2010

Hard to Do

I think the Blog has been hard for me to do because of so many sad, scary and heart breaking things that have happened with the past few weeks. I want too write about happy things but I must write about sad things, too.
Look at the picture of MuffyDog. Everyone loves the Muff. She greeted everyone, especially children, with love and enthusiasm. She had 7 puppies when we found her in 1996. She must have been at least a year old then. She has loved happily amongst the others dogs, the horses, sheep, goats, pigs, duck, chickens and our Albert. Rarely a problem for Muffy. A perfect Farm Dog, a perfect Mutt. Never sick, never mean, never missed a meal.
Last week, she laid the the driveway near the barn. A bit older and longer to get up, she was hit by a car. Of course, by accident. They rushed her to Dr McGrueder in Cumming. I rushed to get there. Dr McGrueder had already xrayed her and told me she had 4 breaks in her pelvis and a huge herniated area on her stomach. Was surgery an option for my sweet old girl? When I went to see her, she was just taken off of the oxygen. She was grasping for air and wringing her body in pain. I had to let her go. She couldn't be in pain, poor MuffyDog. It was so Hard To Do.
Karen Sumlin sent me this lovely picture of Muffy. She was happy and healthy. I want to remember her that way always.

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