Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bernice A Fast Friend, a Quick Loss.

Elizabeth's Rescue Ramblings on her Blog features the mare we got at the Monday auction, free. She was going to cost time and money to bury her. She named her Bernice. Neither of us had the pleasure of meeting her but we were both involved in her life, and her death.

I was hoping we could bring her to the rescue for at least a day of love and carrots but she couldn't have made the trip. I know the volunteers would have loved her. Reagan called me after midnight and volunteered to take her to the vet so it would save the vet trip charges. That was very sweet of her. Reagan and Dr White told 'Bernice' wonderful stories about the Rainbow Bridge and she told them she was ready to go. Now she is happy and at least knows some humans are kind and caring.

I wish I had a better ending for this mare but it was the best we could give her, Peace. The other 4 horses we purchased at-re getting fed and are thinking they must have taken the 'right' turn somewhere. Grain and food every day! A warm place to get out of the cold, Life is Good. For them it is. They will be available for adoption in a few weeks, after the quarantine period. How many horses are not so lucky. They may be one a mile from you or I. Keep your eyes opened and get involved. Be the voice for the voiceless, Please. Their life depends on it.

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