Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Weekend Catch Up.

EZ Breeze was slowly recovering from his tragic fall into the ravine. Lisa was coming daily to help with he swelling therapy. Alisa was coming when she wasn't at work to give him love and comfort and everyone shared time caring for his needs. By Sunday night, the swelling was down enough for Dr Amanda to get a good xray. It showed he had broken fragments in his jaw on the left side of his face. The best thing to do was to remove as much as we can as soon as we can. Tuesday was slated for the surgery.

While this was going on, Tiffany and Pam were tending to Obie aka ObamaMomma, our 3 yo injured TB mare that needed her wound cleaned and redressed.

Dr Duval has been helping diagnose our 3 y o TB mare, Social Diva's, leg injuries. Both front legs have had accidents but one seems problematic. She is not happy when you try and touch her shoulder. Monday morning, after examining Social Diva, Dr Duval suspects nerve damage called 'Sweeney' in her shoulder. Acupuncture was done. Now exercise is needed. Walking and stretching her as she walks over poles and moving more on a daily basis to make the shoulder recover . Miss Social Diva needs a human to walk her and record her progress as she improves weekly. It we have 7 people volunteers to work with her, that's one day a week. If you can do more days, please volunteer!

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