Monday, December 13, 2010

Ellie has traveled from far out West being a Wild Horse to being caught and put into captivity. Many wild horses living freely on America's public lands have been captured and held in small pens for months while the taxpayers, you and I, pay millions to keep these American Icons waiting for a place to go. Some may never get a home, most will never see freedom again.

Ellie somehow ended up at animal control in NE Georgia. She is not only very frightened but she is very pregnant. She was branded by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) who was hired to 'watch over the herds' of Mustangs on public lands. Her brand is not legible and needs to be shaved to be able to read where she came from and when. The problem is Ellie is still a wild horse. She comes to humans for food but knows how to keep her distance so she can't be caught. Why should she trust us? Humans made her lose her freedom. Humans put her captive. Humans chased her. Humans made her leave her wild horse family that she grew up knowing the safety of. Now she is here with us. She is in a foster home at the GA Wild Horse and Mustang Rescue.

This will be a project horse to a very patient person. She needs a loving human who wants to help this horse learn to trust. Why should she ever trust a human? She is available for adoption to a new home. Soon she ill be the mother of a foal. Help us help Ellie stay safe until she finds her permanent loving home.

If you are interested in sponsoring her, donating to help pay her hay and feed bills or interested in giving her the special home, please contact me at

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