Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EZ Does It!

EZ Breeze somehow, slipped over a hillside and ended up in a precarious position in a ditch about 12 feet down the hill. If he tried to get up, he'd hit his head on the roots of the trees hanging over him. It was a narrow space and he had no where to go but up. Up is not a position he could achieve alone.

It actually took several horse rescue volunteers, Cherokee County Fire Dept, Milton Large Animal Rescue, a tractor, a crane from Timber Tree Service, many trained rescuers, Dr Amanda from Foxdale Equine and about 5 hours of figuring out how to make it work. EZ had to be hooked up with the sling, hoisted up over the crevice. That meant being 'air-lifted'. We had to make sure the crane would not slip into the same crevice EZ was stuck in. Believe me, it was very tense for everyone, especially EZ. About 2 hours into the rescue, EZ laid too still, his tongue was starting to turn blue. Thoughts of losing him at that moment was on every one's mind. I yelled, 'EZ' as I did for the past year when he had a seizure or was in distress. EZ has some serious problems physically. He is an older gentleman horse but with a strong will to live. He heard me and opened his eyes and started to thrash around. The thrashing moved him into a different position and he had to be readjusted in the equipment again.

We finally managed to get him up out of the deep hole that held him captive but he wouldn't stand when he landed on the ground. It took many more tries to get him up but finally success! Everyone gasped with joy. EZ was standing. YES! EZ does it!

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