Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forgive me but

I am lagging behind the Daily part of this blog. Here is one of my excuses. Sweetie.
On Tuesday, Sweetie, my 32 year old mare went down twice in the pasture. She had a stroke earlier this year, she has anhydrousis, Cushing's and her eyes are not as good as they used to be. She is doing really well considering all that, right? She has gained over 75 pounds this year. She was very thin after the stroke.
Luckily, by some weird chance, we found 9 horses destined for slaughter in North GA and Christine stepped in and saved them. Three were pregnant and Sweetie is the ultimate surrogate Mom, well surrogate Granny.
The babies have brought her back to life. About 6 years ago, we brought in several orphaned foals. She wanted one so bad. We finally let her have one and in a few weeks she was producing milk. That is a mother's love. She had never had a foal. PAX-TV did a story about her because it was such a happy tale.
When she falls down, or loses her balance and can't recover, she waits for human assistance. I got out the tractor, our make-shift sling equipment and we got her up easily the first time. The second time she fell in a ditch and it was down hill from every angle. I didn't want the tractor to
fall on her thinking there is no way we could get it off of her. Some great ideas were implemented as we figured out what to do, how to move her and where to put the straps. It was quite stressful, believe me. We, all of the wonderful volunteers, helped get her up. What a great feeling!
I will tell you about what happened in the past few days, next time.

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