Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Does Go On...

Little Miss Pony's fuzzy winter coat is painted with squiggles and kind words painted by the owners grandchildren. Being with Miss Pony is always a fun time. Seeing her with the cast on her back leg makes you think her injury is going to get better soon. Dr Amanda saw the leg a few days ago. The break was so bad, it punctured through the skin.

This is one of the times we wish fairy tales would come true. Miss Pony's leg was getting worse. Sometimes we can't fix things, no matter how hard we try, no matter how much we want it, it can't be done. It surely was not for without trying.

The photo of the owner of Miss Pony looking into her eye, begging to for a sign it is the right decision is so close to my heart. At the rescue farm, we have had to make that decision for suffering animals too many times. Each time it is the same heart wrenching decision, never any easier.

Once the decision was made to help Miss Pony cross the Rainbow Bridge, another problem became apparent. The rented property Miss Pony and her humans lived on was no permanent resting place for the beloved pony. When asked if she could be buried at the rescue, we gladly said 'yes'. We assisted with the financial burden of the veterinarian visits, the euthanasia, the burial costs but most importantly, there was enough sadness for this loving family, they needed the peace the rescue farm could give to them.

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