Monday, May 16, 2011

Looks Like Love!

Meadow, our newest rescue horse and her new beau, Cheetah! Happy Munching you two.

Looks like love to me.

Though Cheetah is blind, he leads a full and happy life.

It is sad how many people disregard a horse because it is blind. I had colic surgery done on a blind horse at UGA Large Animal Veterinary Hospital about 6 years ago. They were surprised to see how well my horse, Stevie Wonder, walked in, stood in the stocks, stepped on the scale and easily lead around the clinic without any hesitation. They told me they usually recommend euthanizing blind horses to their clients. I guess we have more education to get out there about blind horses don't we? Even to some veterinarians. Some may have not encountered blind horses. They can lead full lives and even compete in shows or ride on trails. Yes, they can be riden! They sure can be loved.

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