Monday, May 16, 2011

Where Do They Come From?

It is always an on-going questions, "Where do we get the horses that come into the rescue ?'.

Here is one example. Animal Control found horses on the road. The owner keeps them on a wooded acre. There is no grass so he crosses the street and ties them to trees to graze on the grass. A few broke loose and wandered away when animal control officers rounded all of them up and confiscated them. They explained that this is not satisfactory horse care and the owner was fined. He gave up this malnourished mare but kept the rest. Hopefully he will take better care of the 5 horses he did keep. Animal control will keep a watch on them to be sure. If a home wasn't found for this horse, she would have be humanely euthanized.

Now if we agree to take a horse, expecially a very malnourished horse, we need a place to keep it and have to be able to pay for it's needs. Hay, grain, veterinary care and farriers all are ongoing expenses for any horse and we already have so many to be responsible for. We need to consider all of our horses before we take in another. It takes a village of animal lovers that volunteer and give generously to allow us to keep up this never ending job of caring for needy horses.

Who came to the rescue? Our longtime volunteers, Julia and Chad. They agreed to foster the mare even though we didn't know much about her. However, there was a concern for their blind gelding, Cheetah. We didn't want him hurt or kicked. 'Meadow' turned out to be one of the sweetest mares ever. Cheetah was so happy to meet her, he couldn't keep his nose away from her. He can't see her so he had to become familiar with her smells and she tolerated his annoying nose without even a squeal. They became fast buddies in the pasture sharing grass.

Meadow is about 10-12 years old. She will be assessed for any riding ability after she gains weight and becomes healthier. She is now enjoying freedom of not being tied to a tree to find food. It is being served in a clean feed bucket, along with fresh water, hay and all the grass she can find thanks to our wonderful care givers. She is one of the lucky horses that did get another chance at life.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations Julia & Chad, Meadow looks like a very very sweet girl, Cheetah must be so happy to have a friend again.