Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Babes in Need Bonnie and Sassy

I received an email from a former volunteer who lives in Illinois now. She said some Nurse Mare Foals in Florida need help ASAP. A rescue in Florida, Beauty's Haven Farm, agreed to take the foals when the person who runs the farm 'rents' the mares out.

Sounds odd? It isn't as odd as we think. There are people who breed expensive horses, maybe to race or horse show. They want to breed their mare and get her back into competition ASAP. When their expensive baby is born, the 'rent' a wet mare (nursing mare) to take over feeding and raising the expensive baby. This is what a nurse mare farm does. They breed mares, any mares to any stallion because the foal has no value. They breed for the mares and her milk so she can be 'rented' to raise the expensive baby. What happens to the foal born to the nurse mare? It can starve, die, be shot, no one really cares much in the nurse mare business.

Beauty's Haven agreed to help the 3 foals but had no room. I have a great foster home in Milton, FL, Patty, who was very willing to take all 3 babies. We just needed to raise money to transport them the 6 hour trip to the Panhandle. Double B equine transport gave us a good price on $400. We split the costs with Beauty's Haven. Rescues working together get more done. While waiting for the blood test to be done, one of the foals found a home. We now have Bonnie, who is a 4 month old Draft cross and Sassy who is an Appendix Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross.

Look at those faces. They deserve to have good homes, long lives and gentle humans in their lives. They may come to our Georgia farm if they don't find homes in Florida.

Thank you for all your continued support. This is how we continue to help horses in need. You are their angels.

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bgmamacline3 said...

Would it be possible to adoption one of the babys when they get to milton?What is your adoption process for the horses?Please let me know. thank you