Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Dog Saved For Thanksgiving!

Imagine having a puppy you love. It makes your heart smile, brings happiness to your life. Time passes and your job changes, you move to a new home, your children are in high school. All this time, your loyal dog stays loyal, happily moving along as you ask. He wags his tail when he sees you. He doesn't ask for much but a meal and a pat on the head, maybe a nice walk on a sunny day.

You look at your dog, he's now 13 years old. It is the day before Thanksgiving. You are preparing for a houseful of company. You clean your house extra well, put out the best dishes and find your best recipes. It will be a day of friends, family and thanks for all you have.

Then there is the dog. Your 'pup' of 13 years. You get his leash. He is happy now. He loves walks with you as his companion, the companion he has been to you all these years. You walk with him to the car, he loves rides. Then you stop. You take him out of the car and he happily wags his tail and looks at you with his loving eyes. You open the door and you both walk in. You talk to the people behind the desk. You explain you are having company tomorrow it is Thanksgiving. You tell them your dogs name is Simba, he's 13 years old and you don't want him anymore. You hand the man behind the counter the leash and you walk away. You are now going to finish planning your party for Thanksgiving.

Simba? He is confused and sad as he sits in the cold kennel at Animal Control. Frightened dogs barking, cold kennels, people he doesn't know. Luckily he doesn't know that an owner turn in can be euthanized in 5 minutes. Even if he did, he has no control over what happens to him. It is up to humans. Simba is lucky he is a purebred and a sweet dog, despite his uncaring owners decision to 'dump' him like a piece of garbage at animal control.

My sister, Michele, who runs the dog division of SaveTheHorses, Canine Adoption Network (CAN), heard about Simba and had a CAN volunteer pick him up. Michele has no room for him but took him because it would have been wrong not to take him.

Please help us find a permanent home for this sweet little Westie dog. His owner didn't care but I know you all do. Make it a good Thanksgiving by helping Simba find a really loving home asap.

Contact Michele at Please pass it on! Thank you. One dog saved for Thanksgiving because YOU helped.

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