Sunday, November 13, 2011

SaveTheHorses Rescue Is Greener This Winter!

Greener and Winter

don't seem like they go together. They leaves are falling, Jack Frost is starting to show his artwork in the early morning sunrise. The smell of fire wood is in the air. It may make you think of white, like in snow, rather than green.

Yes, we are planting some rye grass which will stay green in the pastures all winter but the green I am talking about is the green in 'Go Green'. We are building a 'green' barn for the mini horses. Not the color green but recycled pallets and other recycled wood we can get. The mini horses have two run ins, now they will have stalls and stay cozy during the colder weather. We plan on redoing fencing and opening up space so they can really enjoy the new 'green' space.

Holes were dug and poles were put in to to keep the horses safe. They will be replaced with 14 foot 4x4's. Pallets are being bolted together and will be bolted to form the walls as we get farther into the building. It is fun to see the progress. The mini's are sure curious to see what is going on. Right now they are behind the fence and not able to get into the barn building area. I just couldn't find any hard hats in their sizes!
They will be surprised when they all get stalled!

This is a project planned by several people. Girl Scouts to professional builders and contractors to parents and volunteers are have come together to make this happen. Thank you all for getting it started. Now keep watching for continued progress. It is only the beginning of our 'green' makeover.

If you want to help us 'Go Green', send us some 'Green' dollars to help us continue our efforts. You are the people that make this all happen. Thank you for your continued support!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Mini barn!!!! Are you going to put feeders in there too?