Friday, April 27, 2012

Changing Things For Trudy

                       Roger comforting Trudy after recent surgery

Though we are not a sanctuary, sometimes horses need to stay forever. If does take up space for another horse to come in, but this is the way we have to do it until we get our dream, a sanctuary where horses can live out their lives under our care. You know the story of  Trudy, our most abused horse, now blind. She's been with us since 1996. She is a special horse who needs to always be surrounded by special people. .Trudy is moving to her new forever pasture tomorrow. Her devoted human friend, Roger, will come out and lead the way.  I am sure it will be like a parade of people following happily because it has finally happened. Trudy has lived in our large pasture for 16 years. She was sighted when she came to us but so abused emotionally, she trusted horses, not people. Now that she is blind, introducing a new horse out in that pasture was not happening. New horse introductions cause all the horses to run and carry on to establish the herd pecking order.  

Though she was familiar with every inch of the 22 acres, I couldn't take the chance of her getting hurt. Trudy is 28 years old. In fairness to her, she now needs a quiet smaller pasture with a buddy. With $5.00 donations here and $20.00 donations there, we soon had enough money to put up her nice board fenced pasture. It took several volunteers to do the dirty work of digging the holes and putting up safe fencing but now, it is ready for Trudy

Though she has the most serious trust issues of any horse ever entering the rescue program, she has the God given intuition to know who to trust. She knows real love. She trusts the uncomplicated honesty of a little volunteer named John Michael. She will willingly stand for an hour and listen to his words. I don't know what he is saying to Trudy but she listens carefully to every word. Horse are different things to different people. To everyone here at the rescue, to all of you who volunteer your time, those of you who donate financially and those of you who take the time to read about our horses and help us spread the word, you are all part of our fragile circle of Save The Horses. Thank you all for your compassion and love. You help us every day so we can save the horses.


TJMac said...

So unbelievably moving and beautiful. Trudy is a miracle indeed and a shining light of the power of the spirit that lives in the hearts of good people doing great work. May she live out her days in comfort and peace. She has made so many happy.

BonnieM said...

Amazing! What a special horse, such a moving story....SO glad she has a new pasture!

Nicole Peters said...

I cannot wait to see her in her new pasture tomorrow! I hope we are there when she is lead out.

Karen Funk said...

This is so beautiful, I have tears in my eyes. God is so good and so great, in all creatures great and small