Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trudy's Day Has Come

Everyone was anxious to see Trudy enter her new pasture. I don't know what we all expected. 

Trudy is blind, severely abused by humans and so many things in the world that surrounds her still make her tremble. I think we all dreamed it would be wonderful to put her in the safe board fenced pasture. We hoped to see her run free and kick up her heels. We brought along an Appaloosa gelding, Pepperoni, she knew from the front pasture so she'd have a familiar friend and be more comfortable. They sort of 'hung around' together many times. He was our choice to help Trudy. He's an Appaloosa like Trudy and they were buddies.

Trudy was quite nervous trying to walk in her new pasture but Roger was there to comfort her. He kept the lead rope on her and walked the fence line, walked to the water trough, up and down the hills. He stayed with her for a long time telling her it was a safe place for her. When he felt she was ready, he took off the lead and let her walk around on her own. She was free to walk, free to kick up her heels but she stood still trying to hear where she was. Being blind, she has to rely on all her other senses. She carefully tried to find her way around. Pepperoni was good with her but wasn't as concerned as we hoped he'd be. We wanted him to stand shoulder to shoulder to her and lead her around. Another human dream the was just that, only a dream. 

After a hour or so, Trudy was getting very tense. She looked so panicked, Roger brought her back to the stall she felt so safe in. She can enjoy a quiet night and we will walk her out to her new pasture again tomorrow. 

All our planning, all our hopes...we had to adjust to Trudy's needs. That is what we do. 

We are RESCUE (to free from confinement, danger, or evil ) in the real sense of the word. We will adjust continually until we get it right for Trudy. 


Julia said...

Slow and easy. I guess we all expected her to know that she was going to be taken care of, safe. She was in that other pasture a long time and knew every step so this will take some time. Have you put a bell on Pepperoni? I wish someone would invent a 'sound system' that could audibly warn blind horses when they near an obstacle. Any engineers out there looking for a challenge?
Bravo, Cheryl, Roger and all the volunteers who care so much about this precious soul.

jill v said...

Amazing humans for amazing animals! Trudy is on the road to feeling safe again! I think she will be kicking up her heels before you know it! God bless you all!