Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speaking About Animals, Speaking To Animals

Raccoon kind to me though in pain 

Some animals speak to me. I love all animals, I rescue all animals. I don't eat animals. I am crazy about animals. I have rescued turtles to wild boars to horses. I care and love each one but some speak louder than others. I don't think there is any deliberate reason but some are just deeper in my heart. Did I know them in another life? Do they just give me a special look that melts my heart? I don't have an answer. Some just stay closer to my heart. I feel their soul. I will never forget a raccoon that was hit by a car. He was gentle even though is pain.  He had several breaks in his jaw and couldn't move it without horrible pain. It was shattered. I soaked food and gently placed it in his open mouth. His little paws held onto my hand and his eyes said 'Thank you'. He was humanely euthanized after the vet examined him and declared him inoperable. I still see his face and feel his little hands on mine. 

Lump A Wonderful Ole Boy
I will never forget a 44 year old horse who died in my arms. Lump lived at the rescue farm for over 10 years. Two veterinarians, Dr. Duvall and Dr Marcella,  many volunteers and many prayers couldn't help him any longer and he was euthanized here at the farm, surrounded by love. It isn't just the ones who have passed on. It is animals I have been lucky enough to share a breath on earth with. It seems to take a part of me when they leave me, through death or through just finding a good home. At the same time they seem to give me the strength I need to do it all over again and offer another animal a better life. I know I can't keep them all, even the very special ones. I can offer them wonderful homes with loving humans who will cherish them as I do. 

I will never forget a horse I first met at Tampa Bay Downs a few years ago. He wasn't a race horse. He was a 'pony' horse. He walked the jockey and race horse to the starting gate. His owner wanted him to retire soon so I went to take a few pictures of him so I would have them when he finally came to the rescue farm. As I walked toward Sparky's stall, he backed away and turned around. I spoke gently to him but he kept he back to me. I went in the stall and adjusted my camera for a close up but Sparky kept moving away from me, head down, not wanting to make eye contact. Then my heart said to me, he does not want to be a 'rescue' horse. His owner loves him. I told him she did love him but soon he will have a new life. He was mad and wanted me to leave his stall.  I knew Sparky had incredible intuition. I respected his wishes and left his stall without any photos. He made me laugh because he spoke so loudly to me. He did come to the rescue and I recently found him a home. When he first came, we had a nice talk and I explained he was going to be happy and safe. I promised. My adoption contract states the horse can not be traded, sold or given away. It must be returned here. It is for the safety of the horses. Sparky found a new home with a great lady, Nancy,  who appreciates him. I told Nancy I didn't want to let him go. She said, 'I knew that.'
It is about Sparky, not me or what I want. I knew that too. 
Sparky and Nancy offering a bowl of carrots and apples.
Cisco with new friends in pasture
Then yesterday I took Cisco the Appaloosa mule who came from a local farm to Tennessee. He belonged to an older gentleman who had too many horses. We were told Cisco was hard to catch, possibly mean and needed a special home. He broke through a fence at his temporary home before I picked him up. So he had a reputation already. Of course, that's my kind of horse to rescue. Someone who needed rescue. Sure we will take perfect horse but the needy are what call loudest to me. That is why we rescue. Cisco spoke to me when I first met him. The rescuer who helped me get him said, she wasn't sure he'd get into the horse trailer when I was there picking him up. I knew he would and he did. He did anything I asked him to do during the month he was here. He was so wonderful. I didn't want him to go but I know the Tedders family so well and knew they understand horses like I do. They adopted several blind horses and ride and have even competed with some. Cisco would be happy there. He was good in the over 2 hour trailer ride to our meeting place. He had to load onto to their trailer for the rest of the trip to his new home. I stopped for a minute, then I told him it was the right place to go and he walked in the trailer.

Yes, having mental conversations with animals may make some people think I am crazy. I am crazy, crazy about animals. They are fellow earthlings. Not to dominate, to share our planet with. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing crazy about that ...I actually am very touched for your devotion for animals. Continue on...

BonnieM said...

I completely understand...animals are so in touch with the Creator....They hear us, sometimes we hear them...It is important to tell them thru words and from your heart and images in your mind..Some people like you are so attuned to them the heart connection and love allow you to hear them well..I hear them sometimes. A beautiful accounting of your experiences and connection Cheryl

Colette said...

I think that there are many of us that are "crazy" about animals and we love to be called it!!! People wonder why I cry when I read good and bad things about animals and I said that it is the compassion I have about them, wild or domesticated. Cheryl, I only wish that all humans had the same feelings that you have and the others of our group! Colette Whiting