Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sapphires Journey

Though this is about Sapphire, it is about you and I and all who care about horses. We take this journey with Sapphire. Our hearts are tugged at, pushed and pulled but still we hold on to hope.  

Dr Leah found Sapphire munching away at her alfalfa hay today. (Saturday) 

Thursday, June 28, she seemed to be improving. It has been 48 hours and her appetite is better, her spirits seem lifted and it lifts out spirits. Good news is spreading. Fourty-eight hours of IV antibiotics are starting to make a difference. The question is would it be enough and would all the testing give us answers. What is the mass in her abdomen? Why is there fluid in her chest and lungs? Could we afford to leave Sapphire until July 9th, then decide to bring her to a special farm with a 24 hour veterinarian to care for her? She is improving. How could we say no because of costs, it was her life. To euthanize her now would be unfair at any costs. We need to plan fund raisers to pay her mounting bill. We could do it. 

Friday, June 29, I didn't hear from UGA until mid afternoon. A long discussion followed. Though she is still eating, realistically, we still do not know what is wrong. I spent hours researching horse illnesses on the Internet. It only gave me more questions. The Doctors must have been searching as well. When I asked about a disease, they were always one step ahead of me. We talked about draining the excessive fluids in her body. It would be tricky. It may cause her blood pressure to rapidly drop. Maybe the antibiotics are treating a secondary infection. Her heart rate was still very elevated. Any organ could shut down and she would suffer. Protiens in her blood were very low. Another ultra sound showed organs unnaturally stick to one another. Long term care for possibly the next 6 months, a dismal prognosis for survival without unforeseen complications. We are talking about a 10% change of survival. I really needed to make a decision but I needed time. I told Dr Leah I would call her later. I needed to really think long and hard because there is no second chance, no turning back on euthanasia. It was so depressing. Talking to the volunteers at the farm Friday evening was gloomy. Everyone was sad. Trying to justify spending a very, very large amount of money with a slim chance of survival isn't fair to all the horses we have in our care. Not trying to save one is so wrong though. Money is an object, but life has no price. Is it going to make her suffer to try to keep her alive or ? How can I justify any decision? There was no sleeping that night, just tossing and turning for me and for the volunteers who know what was said today. I was to depressed to call Dr Leah. Hope was fading fast.

Now it is Saturday morning. No word from UGA. I texted Dr Leah to see if she heard any news. I told her I was not ready to make any decisions last night. She said she was going to call me but had car problems and didn't get home until after 11PM so she didn't call me either. Funny how 'things' happen. If had spoken, I think we both would have tried to make a rationalized decision to let sapphire go now. But that conversation never happened, it wasn't supposed to. She let me know UGA was calling in a few minutes. I was going to have to make a decision now, it is time. I took a deep breath and listened. Dr Erin started to tell me Sapphire is doing amazingly well. Protein levels near normal, heart rate coming down, not to normal but descending, no fever, great appetite and having fun with vet students when they come to feed or check her.   I feel like I am flying, my feet are not touching the ground as I hurry to the barn full of volunteers. 'Sapphire is better, Sapphire is better!' I am saying over and over as I come toward them. I am so happy. They are so happy, it is such great news. We are all so joyous. 

Dr Leah drove to Athens to see Sapphire today. She took the picture and videos. Everyone wants her to get well. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Everyone involved came to this story, to Sapphires world, for a reason. 

Sapphire will stay at UGA until the 9th. Things can change, as we know but we are hoping for only good things now. This has been our journey, like up a mountain nearly going over a cliff, then finding a bridge back to safety. Thank you all for joining us and keep Sapphire in your thoughts and prayers and donations. It takes a village is no understatement, we are the village! Thank you all.


Jan Hester said...

Tears flowing with a huge smile, Cheryl. I know we're not out of the woods, yet, but I am beyond thrilled to read this!! Come on, girl, you can do it!!!! <3

DebR said...

All I can say is luck and prayers your way. I absolutely hate that part of rescue and animals in general. I'm now going to find a tissue.

liferays said...

Believe in the power of our Lord and it shall come true! I believe God is with us on this one. Many times He uses situations to bring us back to Him. So glad to hear Sapphire's doing so much better! I cannot hold back the tears of joy!

Cindy White said...

Woohoo!!! Prayers and meds working!!! Stay strong Sapphire!

Sue said...

Sending prayers for a happily ever after for Sapphire.