Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sold for $130.

A horse auction is a hard place to go for people who really love horses. It can be entertaining to see all the horses but seeing the treatment of some of the horses is heartbreaking if your eyes are opened. It can be a good place to save a horse from harm. People know as kill buyers, who send horses to slaughter, frequent auction looking for cheap ways to profit from horses...meat. Horses are slaughtered for human consumption despite all the harmful cancer causing chemicals in they systems. No horse is safe from slaughter.

Jason, who runs the Chickamauga SaveTheHorses Farm, was at the auction on Monday night. I wanted to know if a few certain horses were gong to be run through the sale. He sat there watching but didn't see the horses I was talking about. What he did see was an extremely pregnant mare ready to drop her foal. The people at the auction ran her out to the small arena where people were sitting in bleachers watching. I assume to keep the crowd entertained, they were forcing her to run. They had cattle type sticks and she was very afraid. She didn't know what they wanted from her. She also had milk ready to feed her unborn foal. Jason couldn't let it happen any longer and won the bid on her at $130. 

This morning, 2 days after he bought her from the sale, she gave birth to a sweet little black foal. 

Foal born this morning June 6, 2012

This is a picture of an older mare Jason bought at the auction for $10. She could have easily been killed for profit at a per pound price. 
Though it is illegal to send a heavy (late pregnancy) mare to slaughter, it happens more often than we want to know. Slaughter is an ugly business but it is highly profitable. Horse owners not willing to be responsible for their horses fill the market for slaughter. Horses trained to obey, depend on the owner for feed and care are victimized and betrayed. 


Rachelp said...

Thank you for getting the ugly revealed. Perhaps your blog will help open peoples eyes and these poor animals will be safe from man's cruelty. Thank you for being the handful to defend those that can't defend themselves.

Sandy said...

It absolutely kills me how many so called "horse people" still believe slaughter is the answer to getting rid of horse they no longer use.....they treat them like a piece of property...not like a companion or friend...(which the horse is to them as long as they can use them) then the protrayal.....God help all those people when they stand and account for how they treated the animals God gave them to care for.....