Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life Is Short, Often Too Short

Albert the Great Goat

Weinie the Wonderdog

Starting the day unrested was bad enough. Tossed and turned all night mourning the loss of our beloved 'Weinie' our weiner dog. He was a little hound dog with a big personality. Everyone was his friend unless you were  a varmint. 

Something attacked him Sunday. The Emergency vet said it was an animal attack. He was on the porch with Lea and Bella, 5 minutes later bleeding and wounded. No sound, no screaming or growling. After moving two horses Sunday, driving for 4 hours to almost Alabama then Tennessee, we stopped on the way home and picked up Weinie. The vet explained what he suspected about the wounds. He went over the xrays, said his heart and lungs sound strong so I took him home with a compression bandage. He was painful all night but quiet and at home. We went back to the vet in the morning. He was going to stay until 5 to get another look to make sure everything was healing, possibly stitch the lacerations.  We were pretty confident he'd recover.  I was ready to go pick him up when Dr Cipullo called and told me that Weinie was fine 5 minutes ago but now he's is dead. It was heartbreaking. Life can change so fast.
Getting Albert into the sling

This morning Albert was in his usual resting place in the barn but was in a strange position. He head would not come forward nor could he stand. I gave him an anti-inflammatory. After talking with a few vets and goat people, we decided to rush him to UGA Veterinary Hospital in Athens. First we had to get him up into the sling and into the trailer. He weighs 280 pounds! The wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to all of these animals were there to help every minute. Alisha, Sam and I headed out for a long day. I am going to let the pictures (Thanks for taking them Alisha) tell the story. 
Now moving him through the barn

Gently getting him into the trailer
Placing Albert in a comfortable position . 2  hour ride to University.
Gurney ready for Albert
Looks like a Code Blue, the are serious about his health
Albert weighing in at 280 pounds
Examining his eye
Getting a catheter put in
Albert's head still up
Getting medications
A spinal tap test is painful but necessary
He was starting to eat hay. 
Comforting pillows for his head
Albert's tests came back fairly normal. We hope to see improvement with in 24 hours. He is being treated for 3 suspected problems that have similar symptoms. There is no test that gives an exact diagnosis. I am trying to be hopeful but it is scary to not be realistic. I really thought Weinie was going to be with us for a long time. I am hoping for many more years for Albert. Life is short. 


Deb said...

Praying for you and yours...hope you can rest tonight! Peace to you~Love deb

june Flood said...

He is in the best of care. The staff of UGA Vet Hospital has treated so many of my horses, including the dwarfs numerous times. They always got the best of care and keep me informed each day. The Floods have spent enough money there to have a wing named after us, but we've never regretted taking them there. I hope he recovers quickly. June

Rachelp said...

We dearly love Albet...and we are so glad he is getting excellent care! Praying,
The Pates

Jan Hester said...

Lots of love going out to Albert and you and know he is in the best of hands.