Thursday, December 27, 2012

Worth Waiting For The Right Home

Jester is a 20 'something' Thoroughbred/Appaloosa cross. 

 As you can see by the pictures, Jester does not want to be a white horse. He loves mud stuck to him and he can then pose as a paint. There have been many times that I glances out in the pastures and would say to myself, "Who is that horse?". Then I'd realize, it is Jester. 

He has been here since 1998. His owner loved him but being transferred to Arizona wasn't ideal for a white horse. After looking around AZ, most horses turn out was a 12x12 paneled stall in the sun. Jester loves to be out and run around, play in mud and flirt with mares. In the summer in GA, he is the last one out and the first on in so he doesn't get cancer. It's always a problem with white/gray horses. His owner decided he would be better off living at the rescue farm. All these years, the right person never came along to adopt Jester until now. He has upper and lower ring bone so he can't be ridden and needs special care and supplements to keep him comfortable. One of our young volunteers, Stephanie,  has always loved him but she went off to college and hasn't visited much lately. To my surprise, her parents gave her permission to adopt Jester and move him to a near by farm so the family can care for him. I am so excited for Jester and Stephanie. What a great adoption to end a year. He'll be moving about Jan 6th. Come and kiss him goodbye if he is one of your favorites. Be happy for him. He will have 50 acres of grass and many new friends. I am sure he'll find a nice pretty mare to flirt with.  It is always worth waiting for the right person to adopt a horse. It is what makes a truly happy ending.