Friday, June 28, 2013

This Ace Almost Lost The Game of Life!

What happens to a horse to look like this? 
Did someone forget to feed him? Did he refuse to eat? 
Did he want to die? 

Ace on arrival at His back legs were covered with dried manure.

I don't have the answer. I know the story the owner told but what was the truth, I have no answer. What mattered was he get to the rescue farm, and we start him on a good refeeding program. He is a big boy but was a skeleton covered with dirty, smelly white skin and his manure was all caked down his back legs. He was so thin, the manure didn't fall away from his body like a normal horse, it fell out and stuck to his legs. When he came off the trailer, we decided to give him a bath right away. We usually wait but he legs were getting scalded from the crud stuck to him for so long.

He is getting cooled off daily now to keep his temp down and appetite up. 

Ace is slowly gaining weight. His appetite is better when he is cool. Early mornings he really eats well. By hotter afternoons, he eats and leaves some food. He seemed to have a virus too. That ran it's course but yesterday he had a  mucus running out of his nose. Today he seems normal. We have never seen him sweat. Vegetarian animals need to sweat to cool off. Ace had a condition called Anhydrosis. He is on a medication for it but beer, yes beer, may help him as well. He is one of the sweetest horses we have ever had. Making him healthy and happy is our goal for Ace. This Ace almost lost the game of life. He couldn't have survived must longer in his condition. We really do not have extra room to keep him here but another Georgia Rescue does. 

He is going to Sunkissed Acres Rescue to retire soon but we wanted to make sure he was healthy enough to travel. He fell in the trailer on the way here so he needs to be balanced and strong enough to make the trip to Summerville, GA. 

Thank you for caring.
We need your compassion and support to continue to help horses like Ace who through no fault of their own end up starving or dead because no one was there to help. 

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