Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love For Lobo

The Gwinnett Animal Control officers went out on an animal abuse call and found several malnourished dogs and one malnourished horse, that was August of 2011. SaveTheHorses was asked to take Lobo after the county was awarded custody. We happily agreed. 

Lobo August of 2011
Lobo was estimated to be about 28 years old. He was thin but good quality food several times a day made a big difference. Our original plan was to get him healthy and find him a home but he has a bladder problem. He dribbles his urine on his legs. At first we thought it was because of age but Dr Leah Patipa suspected it was Sebaceous bladder. Lobo soon had his first treatment of cleaning out his bladder. It takes two veterinarians for the procedure. We have had it done regularly in the past 3 years.His bladder went from the size of a basketball to the size of a near normal bladder. 
Dr Murray and Dr Walker work on cleaning Lobo's bladder.

We didn't have any calls  for an older, non ride able horse who needs a costly procedure so Lobo has been here since he arrived. He does have people who love him.
Logo is Madeline's best friend and confidant! 
Monday morning Lobo wouldn't eat his grain or soaked hay cubes. Lucky for Lobo Dr Gail Daley, animal Chiropractor came out and made Lobo feel much better. He happily ate his food and went out to play and eat grass, back to normal.
Lobo enjoying the grass
Lobo has many volunteers who love him and enjoy his company. Many thanks to Stephanie Emhoff and the Pate Family for helping with Lobo's care and medical needs and every volunteer who gives their love and time to help horses like Lobo. 


Patrice said...

Thank you for being there for the old ones. I took in an aged mare over ten years ago. She was thin, ragged coated and had eye and nasal discharge and the man was trying to sell her for $500. I told him she needed at least $500 in veterinary care so he said "well, I'll just shoot her." I told him if he was going to do that, why not give her to me and save himself the trouble. He did. Lilly had heaves - the COPD of horses, but she gained weight and got quite healthy for her age and chronic condition. She finally succumbed to the lung problems last year, but she got to do whatever she liked with the company of my other horses for all those years. I called her my "yard horse" because I often let her roam about in the yard where the clover and grass were lush. Miss you Lily.

Jan Hester said...

Also thanks to Julie Manfredy who has paid for and taken care of his feet for these years and loves him a lot. <3 Soooo glad he's feeling better.

Horseinc said...

Thank you Patrice for seeing the beauty in that aged mare.
Thank you Jan for reminding me about Julie's love for Lobo, as well. She also supplied his Cosequin. I am sorry I forgot that, Shame on me.