Monday, September 29, 2014

Sheep in your yard? What do you do?

What do you do if a sheep shows up at your door? You take care of him. After a few weeks, the sheep becomes friendly and gets love from the family who does their best to keep him safe. With winter coming, they know food source for Coyotes will get scarce and they are afraid the sheep may be in danger. The family decided to call We happily accepted another sheep. We have been waiting for a sheep in need of a home since Rambo, our Gwinnett County Animal Control sheep, was humanely euthanized in June of 2012. We don't buy animals, we take those needing homes. 

Buddy on left.

'Buddy' was happy to see another sheep, a goat and 3 pigs. Buddy is young and playful. He brought some new energy to the petting animal group. 

The family who found Buddy came out and visited him this weekend. They miss him terribly. Tears were falling but they were happy he is safe here. They may fence an area at their home and build Buddy a safe shelter. If they do, we will bring him back to their home. Either way, we will enjoy and care for Buddy while he is here. 

Though we are a horse rescue, we are wiling to help any animal in need the best we can. We know we are a People Rescue as well. 
Taking yourself away and being with rescued animals , helping them recover mentally and physically is rewarding and you learn so many things about yourself. Come to an Orientation on the second Saturday of each month at 9 am and/or to an Open House 1-4 pm the Second Sunday of each month and learn about SaveTheHorses and other animals. Learn about our Barn Buddy Program for foster and adopted children and our Pink Horse Shoe Fund for horses with cancer. 

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