Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Skye and the Clover!

These two sweet old mares have been in a foster home for a few years They came from different circumstances but it seems like they were together forever. 
Skye and Clover enjoying the day!

Skye was malnourished when Forysth Co. Animal Control found her. She had been purchased at an auction, perhaps going though several auctions or different owners.
The Sheriff tried to work with the owner but for some reason, she wasn't gaining weight. They decided she needed experience rehabilitation and nutrition so she was brought her to the SaveTheHorses rescue farm. She was in her mid to late 20's. Thin and at one time someone loved her enough to have her eye removed for some reason. They didn't give up and dump her, they paid for surgery. I imagine a young girl loving on her and Skye loving her back, loving the attention and kindness, carrying her girl around and listening to her sing sweet songs to Skye. She's a sweet girl but fell though the wrong hands and ended up at an auction. Promises where made but not kept for Skye. The person who had her bought her at an auction for a buck or two. At least he beat the kill buyer price. 

Clover came from Forsyth Co. too but was walking around an abandoned housing development during the financial crisis. I don't think she was dumped for financial reasons. A SaveTheHorses volunteer family was passing and saw her walking around. There were no fences, just half finished streets. Not a place for a horse. The Sheriff recently arrested and charged a local man with 3 counts of dead livestock not buried (2 horses and a cow) and confiscated his stallion because it was nearly dead from starvation.  Could she have come from that same farm? It was directly across the street.  
The men at the farm saw us pull up with the horse trailer. They didn't say anything. Clover's head looked weird but we didn't realize why until we got closer. The halter wouldn't fit because there was so much swelling. She looked like a snake had bitten her in the face. As we drove back to the farm, we called the vet to come ASAP. An anti-venom was administered but the swelling did not change. It took almost 6 weeks for her face and neck to get back to a normal size. It wasn't a bite at all, it was a torn esophagus and her head and chest filled with air.  She also had a wound on her rear leg.  Clover may have been a victim of 'horse tripping'. She could have been flipped over buy a rope on her rear leg or she could have been roped and the rope pulled so tightly that it tore her esophagus. We really don't know how but we do know something bad had happened to injure her. Did the men think she would die and sent her across the street? They didn't need another dead animal found on their farm especially with the Sheriff watching. 

These two old mares are healthy and happy now. The foster mom is planning on selling her farm soon and Skye and Cover will need a new place to live out their lives, hopefully together. They are our Golden Girls. Neither has ever been ridden since they have been in our care. We take pleasure is caring for them, watching them thrive and stay healthy in their golden years. We are Rescue!

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Anonymous said...

met them once, very sweet and they stay pretty close to eachother