Thursday, August 20, 2015

Horses = Accident Waiting To Happen!

Horses = Accident Waiting To Happen!
Reopened and being cleaned
Finnegan is a teenage large pony who normally minds his own business. He is on a lovely 25 acre pasture with only 2 young mares, so you would think, 'What could happen?' Well, Finn came up to one of the volunteers who checks on his little herd and he was very lame. He had cut his back leg just above the heal bulb. I looked like a normal cut, pretty clean but he couldn't stay in the pasture and our stalls or all full over at the rescue. How did it happen? We have no idea. A rock? A wire? Another horse? A mystery!

Countryside Farms recently opened near by and they agreed to take care of Finn, clean his would and a give him nice stall until he healed at a discount boarding rate. Well worth the great care. We had antibiotics we started him on immediately along with anti-inflammatories. Ashley and Amber spent time making sure Finn was getting his leg cleaned, iced and dressed everyday. The wound was in a place where it could not be stitched because it is a moveable part so cleaning and dressing were important. Finn's leg go better in a few days and we were grateful and thinking of moving him in a day or two back to the pasture but then the next day, he was painfully lame. I went to see him the following day and he was fine again. Two days later, he can't walk.What is this mysterious problem?
Dr DuVall Moloney getting Finn  ready for surgery

Dr Christine Murray came out and said it looking like a tiny tear in the tendon sheet and as it drained, he could walk but when it build up pressure, he was in pain. Afraid infection could get in that tiny hole, we decided the best place was with a surgeon who could clean and flush it in a sterile environment. UGA was usually out place to go but, luckily for all the horses in this area, Dr Laura Duvall Moloney, of Georgia Equine Veterinary,recently opened her new surgery center 10 minutes away.
This is how we want him to be again, happy and healthy and not wounded. Then he'll be ready for adoption

She had a Grand Opening which I missed so this was my first chance to meet the surgeon, Dr Goodin, and introduce him to Finn and his non-healing wound. Finn was admitted to the hospital and a procedure done on his leg. He's probably going to stay their until Monday if all goes well. He'll go back to Countryside Farm until he is totally well. He's a very sweet willing horse.He'll be loved by some lucky family one day soon.

We are very thankful this wonderful veterinary hospital is so close to the rescue. We have surgery coming up for a horse with serious cancer in her eye and 3 more minor surgeries planed soon as well. 
I'll be posting about the mare soon. Her surgery is getting urgent but we need to get Finns bills and needs taken care of before we take on another expensive case.

Horses needs never end. Thank you for your continued support and care. We are Rescue! 

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