Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet LucyToo!

Lucytoo! How she got her name!

She came from Herman Strayhorn who ran the auction on Hwy 20 for 17 years. He knew that I knew, he had a blind horse and I made sure I said loud and clearly, 'You cannot send a blind horse to slaughter' , it is a federal law.

He sent plenty of horses to slaughter. It wasn’t illegal, nor is it now. I would say we were friends, but we agreed to disagree on the slaughter issue. I saved what I could and prayed for the ones that left his farm by the trailer load. Herman was leaving the farm, the auction had closed and he actually called me to tell me he was ‘giving’ me a horse. I guess he thought it was a good deed. It was for Lucy. When I drove down the driveway, I saw a pretty mare with a bad eye. I parked my truck and walked over to her pasture. Herman greeted me and started to walk away. I ask if this horse, the one with the bad eye was her. He stopped and said, ‘No’, she’s alright. No, she’s not alright, something happened to her eye. It needed medical attention and she obviously wasn’t getting it. He told me her name was Lucy and she was 12 years old.

He pointed to another horse in the near by pasture. He said that is her, ‘the Appaloosa‘ She is totally blind. He offered to bring her to the rescue farm tomorrow. That was fine with me. I have seen enough and it breaks my heart to make eye contact with the horses wondering where they’d end up. I asked about the Lucy mare and told him I really wanted her. He agreed to let me have her too. He said, she’ll be fine. Don’t worry about that eye. I was really worried but I knew we could do something to help her.

So Herman drove down my driveway with my two new horses, both mares. He unloaded Lucy, the one with the bad eye and then loaded the other mare, the blind one. I asked him her name, he said, “Lucy, she’s 12 years old’. Then I realized it was just another lie from a killer buyer. Both Lucy, both 12, uh huh. She we named the blind mare, LucyToo. This was in 2008. She is 16 +/- years old now.

I will tell you about Lucy (one) another time. LucyToo is a sweet mare that needs a loving home. Her feet were totally neglected, she was not in great shape but she is doing great now. She loves to be groomed and is kind to other horses. She is with a foundered older pony and they do well together but rarely have visitors. She needs someone to love her, groom her and ‘belong’ to a human. Every horse deserves that. I have so many and so little time. Volunteers come out and just can’t give every horse attention.
Consider loving LucyToo. She will give back what you live to her. Love!
Come and meet her, she is a love.


Julia said...

Beautifully written about a beautiful soul. I wish you'd do this more often!

Horseinc said...

Julia, I will try. can you buy me a few more hours a day?LOL

sheolby said...

Thanks for writing this! I love hearing the stories of the horses!